Take a Picture

Wild mushroom identification assistant. Not a field guide.


What is FungusID?

An AI-powered tool to help you identify mushrooms by photo.

Is it free?


Can I use it on my phone?

Yes, you can use our website as a mushroom identification app. Type fungusid.com in your browser, click “choose file” to take a picture, then hit “identify.”

What if I think the results are off?

Click “identify” again to give it another try. The App will analyze the image from another angle and thus may yield different results.

How many mushrooms does it know?

Over 300 species and counting. Non-US species are currently not on the list. Plus, only basic Boletes are included.

Who’s behind it?

RJ & Li, mushroom enthusiasts currently based in the Eastern United States. We created this website in 2018 to help foragers identify wild mushrooms. Youtube channel: Old Man of the Woods. Click here to learn how we built the AI.

Is my image identifiable?

An ideal mushroom picture for the ID purpose would contain as many key identifying parts as possible: cap, stem, ring, gills, pores. We understand an ideal image is nearly impossible, but try to include at least two parts, such as the cap and the stem.

Do you keep my images?

No. All uploaded pictures will be automatically deleted from the server once the identification is done.

Is the mushroom edible?

FungusID does NOT provide information on edibility. However, you could find the answer by clicking the wiki icon in the results panel, or from our youtube videos.


Why the error message?

Probably because your image is bigger than 5 MB–currently our server cannot handle images larger than that. Please consider resizing your image and try it again.

How much does the website cost?

Currently, we pay a $15/month sever maintenance fee to process images up to 5 MB. Accepting even larger images requires a better but more expensive server. Before we are able to upgrade, crop your photo if it is larger than 5 MB.

I like FungusID and want to help

Please donate and subscribe to our youtube channel. Your support is highly appreciated. Let’s work together to keep FungusID FREE and make it grow.